Wayfinder Kiosk Software

wayfinder kiosk software

Wayfinder kiosk software allows you to display your business information in a unique and interactive manner. The interactive maps on the software display the location of the user in a variety of ways. The animated paths are especially useful in shopping malls and retail outlets where users cannot navigate by foot. These applications are ideal for businesses that want to promote products and services to customers. With a wayfinder kiosk, you can easily display information about stores and restaurants in a single location.

Kiosk Wayfinder is digital signage software that combines the orientation and digital signage functions into one powerful solution. It enables businesses to deliver information to customers in a unique way. A customer can select a category or enter a name to get directions. It’s easy to set up and update the wayfinder’s location, so that customers can find the best route to their destinations in seconds. It also allows users to search for products or services by name.

The wayfinder kiosk software includes a preloaded interactive digital map. The map shows the path from point A to point B in a graphical way. The application also highlights the location of various businesses on different floors. The software was designed with the process of updating maps in mind. The back office system allows for quick updates of locations. The wayfinder’s navigation system allows for quick location assignments and updates. With wayfinder, customers can easily find information on a specific location.

Livewire’s Wayfinder Kiosk Software can help your business improve customer service. The software can be used on desktops, mobiles, tablets, and smartphones. It also features graphical maps of the building, a menu of common locations, and the ability to search anything. With the wayfinder’s intuitive navigation system, customers can navigate your business with ease. Whether it’s a hotel, restaurant, or a large retail space, a wayfinder is the perfect solution.

Livewire’s Wayfinder Kiosk Software can help you create an interactive wayfinder application to help your guests find a location. Its Self-service wayfinding application allows customers to search for any place they are looking for. In addition to graphical maps, customers can enter any information they need to find in your business. With these features, visitors can easily find their way to the location they need. In a huge venue, the kiosks can be customized to suit the needs of the employees.

Wayfinder Kiosk Software is an excellent solution for any business looking to increase visitor traffic and enhance employee convenience. The software allows employees to locate their desks quickly and easily. With its powerful wayfinding software, workplace leaders, departmental managers, and employees can find any place they need to work. Adding a kiosk to an existing building can make the entire process easier for all parties. And with a dedicated kiosk, the team members can easily book rooms in the building, without having to leave the comfort of their seat.