Advantages to Hand Sanitizer Advertising Kiosk

hand sanitizer advertising kiosk

Advantages of hand sanitizer advertising kiosk installations: Anywhere there’s a sanitizing need, there’s a market for advertising! Sanitizing hand towels, napkins, hands and other items helps consumers feel better about themselves. Sanitizing the outside of food can also help prevent cross-contamination. In restaurants, using sanitized equipment encourages diners to practice hand hygiene, and when customers are encouraged to keep their hands clean, they tend to – which leads to more food eaten!

Benefits of hand sanitizer advertising kiosk installations: Anywhere there’s a sanitizing need, there’s a market for advertising! In addition to helping consumers feel better about themselves, sanitized hand towels, hand sprays, and other products help keep the environment cleaner. The automatic hand sanitizer dispenser, available in several sizes, is a good way to sanitize things such as hand towels, napkins and glasses quickly and easily at home. The hand sanitizer is easy to use, economical and convenient, and works well with computers and printers. Most importantly, the visual effect that advertising digital signage will have on consumers is fantastic!

Benefits of hand sanitizer advertising kiosk installations: Advertising digital signage software can help place the right product in just the right place, creating an increase in sales for everyone. The product can be promoted where no one else is advertising – in fact, it’s actually more effective than billboards, television, radio, etc. It places the product where people are already thinking about it. When consumers are looking for hand sanitizer and they see a sanitizing towel, dispenser or other product, they are more likely to make a purchase. For maximum effect, the advertising digital signage software should integrate all aspects of the advertising campaign including design, programming, content, and messaging.

Where should you put the hand sanitizer advertising kiosk? In every location that would be useful for maximum exposure, including schools, malls, office buildings, public transportation terminals, hospitals, convenience stores and other similar venues. Of course, the advertising digital signage software kiosk should be easily visible and not buried under foot traffic.

Where is the best place to display the hand sanitizing towel dispenser? Ideally, it should be out in plain sight where people can easily see it and place their hands on it. An obvious choice is near a busy aisle or checkout lane where people can grab it and begin to enjoy the hand sanitizing experience immediately. If placement is impossible, the product should be placed at a place where people will not be tempted to keep it handy for later use. A sink or countertop may work, but is unlikely to be the best location.

How much do you charge for a hand sanitizing product? Usually a charge for a number of hands is standard, but some companies go the extra mile and offer a “hands-on” option that allows the customer to sanitize one item at a time as they are leaving the store. The customer must place the purchased product into the appropriate receptacle on the machine before it can be recycled. Some advertising digital signage software programs include options that allow customers to “load” each item with a sanitizing agent before it is returned to the machine for processing. Be sure to include this feature with all options you choose to offer.

What are the advantages of an electronic dispensing system over traditional hand sanitizing techniques? One advantage is that there are no need for employees to touch contaminated items with their hands. Some people may be tempted to touch the area, but that is not the way to make a product effective. Using an electronic dispensing system, the hands of only one person are required to make the hand sanitizing process, and no other individuals are ever exposed to the solution.

When was the last time you visited the doctor or the dentist office? They probably had a hand sanitizing dispenser next to the exam room, or next to the chair where the examination would take place. This tool would have allowed them to sterilize their hands quickly, preventing the spread of disease. The same concept could have been used in a public setting to promote good health. Using a hand sanitizing tool in your store or at your office will help you remain one step ahead of the latest germs around town. It’s always a good idea to be proactive.