Install a Solar Powered Sanitizing Kiosk

It’s amazing how so many people don’t know about the new sanitizing kiosks available. These aren’t like the hand sanitizing or the wipes you’d use at the store. They are much more high tech, and sanitizing them means a lot more than just using some antibacterial wipe. Here’s a look at how the kiosks operate and why they are a big deal for the medical field.

sanitizing kiosk

Most clinics and hospitals have limited space. In fact, if your facility is anything like most, it’s probably a few rooms with a shared restroom, changing area and storage. You need to keep the area sanitized with a sanitizing kiosk. It’s an attractive, compact-looking object of our present invention to offer a portable, hands-free hand sanitizing kiosk which is functional, has a nice appearance, but is also capable of sanitizing hundreds of surfaces.

The new electronic interactive sanitizing station of our present invention features a base that is supported by a flexible column. At the far end of this flexible column is a touch-sensitive panel containing a microprocessor. When you touch this panel, the system responds by activating a liquid sanitizing agent via touch sensing circuitry. You then select a sanitizing agent, which activates a nozzle that dispenses cleaning agents through a spraying motion. The entire process is completed rapidly without any risk of human error or damage to any surfaces.

Of course, in the retail stores, there are multiple displays located on many different walls. Each display typically displays one or two sanitizing agents. But since the displays are not touch sensitive, the process described above cannot occur. To accommodate the problem of multiple displays, the electronic interactive kiosks were developed. The displays can contain multiple digital displays that are networked together and are capable of switching among them depending on the needs of the customer.

These networks allow the customer to choose an appropriate sanitizing agent as well as have several agents available at the same time for convenience. This saves the retailer significant time. The kiosks also provide an important public relations function. Hand hygiene is important to all people and retailers who want to be viewed as being professional, and this is especially true for health care and retail stores.

To make the sanitizing kiosks more interesting, many manufacturers have introduced touch screen technology into them. Using this technology, a customer can not only operate the dispenser but also browse through the various options available for the sanitizing signage. Some kiosks allow customers to add their own sanitizing agents by choosing from a wide range of solutions, such as citrus, chlorine, or ammonia solutions. This makes the selection of an agent a personal one rather than a preset one.

Retailers can also get in on the act by installing their own sanitizing signage. In fact, some kiosks are equipped with touch screens and can display their own range of hand sanitizer solutions, such as wipes, gels, and other chemical-based solutions for hand hygiene. This lets customers select and apply their own sanitizing solution to their hands before stepping into a store. These solutions do not need to be stored in the dispenser, and they do not need to be replenished periodically. A retailer who installs these kiosks should ensure that the devices are kept out of sight of children and away from areas where they might get injured, such as checkout lanes. The best part is that these solutions do not cost much more than traditional hand sanitizing agents.

If you want your business to look its best, consider investing in a kiosk made from rugged and weatherproof material, like heavy-duty vinyl. Kiosk 20 is a highly customizable kiosk made from high quality vinyl. It comes with a clear acrylic front panel, a flexible black acrylic back panel, and plenty of space for a large variety of advertising messages. By using a solar panel, the manufacturer ensures that it will receive ample sunlight and be protected from the elements. This makes the unit quite useful for any business.