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Effective Digital Wayfinding Software, QWisefinder is an essential part of Q WAYfinder which helps you do so effectively. Utilized with several advanced digital Signage functions, it is suitable for college and corporate campuses, hospitals, government establishments, hotel and convention centers and many more. It also comes in handy for airport terminals, railway stations, train stations and other places where it is necessary to have effective signage.

digital wayfinding software

The digital wayfinding software has an easy to use interface, which helps you to manipulate maps with ease and brings them to a new height using a touch screen interface. The wayfinding feature lets you drag and drop relevant content from the main menu to your maps, and also allows you to change the map style and add text boxes, labels and graphics as required. With a single click you can switch from one map to another, zoom in and out, switch between satellite maps and digital terrain maps and with a few presses you can switch from one view to another.

You can create maps for your business with the digital signage touch screen program. The software provides you with a rich variety of functions which include image thumbnails, map thumbnails, digital signage labels and interactive labels. These can be further customized according to your requirements by making use of various tools provided in the program. The interactive map options in the program further make it more useful. You can make use of panning, zooming and moving the map at different speeds and this helps in creating a unique digital signage experience for the users. Moreover you can also create panoramas with your interactive digital signage map.

The digital wayfinding software allows the user to set the size of the panels depending on the size of the tablet and makes them suitable to be used with different devices. The tablet is supported by a wide range of operating systems including Windows CE, XP, Android tablets and Blackberry devices. The tablet is designed such that it offers a sturdy device that is easy to handle. It is also lightweight that offers a comfortable viewing option. The touch screen feature and the wide variety of functions available with the digital screens help the user to choose the best among all.

There are a number of online ways to get digital wayfinding software wayfinding programs. Some of them have free trials and offer the users with limited features. There are interactive learning guides that provide the visitor with the basic information about ways to navigate the different cities. These interactive learning guides further help the visitor in selecting the appropriate city and using the appropriate means of transport.

The digital screens offer detailed maps and thus allow the users to choose the ideal routes for travelling. The maps are designed such that they provide detailed street views. The maps are clear, easy to read and most importantly, they are accurate. They help to save time, energy and cost of travel. The digital signage app provides the information required by the users such that it helps them to choose the most appropriate route. The maps also include voice commentary that speaks volumes about the places indicated on the map.